The Classic Office Look

I can’t really say I’ve ever had the kind of schedule that didn’t permit a pit stop at home to shower and beautify before I went out on the town. I suppose that also stems from all that military-type scheduling I grew up with, where your time was meticulously planned, and you always gave yourself a buffer so you weren’t tardy. So when I put together an office look, it’s really just that, an office look. I’m not running off to a hot date in it (though I’m sure my beau wouldn’t mind if I showed up to dinner in a pencil skirt and pumps!). I don’t spend a mint on my clothing, but I do love my tailored shirts. And if you’re a woman who’s never felt the fit of a truly tailored shirt, you are missing out! I have a tailor in Hong Kong who comes to Vancouver once a year, and if I don’t make it to Hong Kong first, I always order additions for my wardrobe! I like my look to be clean, simple, feminine and comfortable. My accessories are kept to a minimum and my shoes are always cute, but comfortable enough for me to run around in them for the duration of the work day.

Shirt (British Tailors, Hong Kong)
Skirt (Banana Republic)
Shoes (Shoe Dazzle)
Necklace (Black pearls)

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