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Colour & Costume at the Vancouver West End Pride Parade


It’s an event that I look forward to every year. Vancouver’s West End is set ablaze with everything rainbow, and there is no shortage of glitz, glamour and gorgeous gams! Seriously, there are some super leggy men around here who can rock a skirt better than I can on my best day! Power to ’em! All the prep leads up to one fabulous display of  pride and I use this time of year to demonstrate my support for the LGBT  community,  the two-Spirited movements and reaffirm my fundamental belief that we should be able to love, marry, and be with whomever we choose. These are some of the moments I captured with my iPhone 4s. Enjoy!


Dressed in the Spirit of Pride


Men in Crinoline are Plentiful


Yes, I recognize the phallic nature of this photo, could my timing be any more perfect! One has to laugh. And what would a Pride parade be without the good ‘ol Trojan Man?


Multicultural, ethnically diverse, label it what you will, the West End of Vancouver is an epicentre for LGBT individuals from myriad cultures. It’s important to recognize the struggle that many face because of inter-cultural discrimination, and celebrate those who rail against built-in cultural prejudices.


I’m always thrilled to see an Indigenous presence at Pride. Many Canadians are still in the dark about Two-Spiritedness, a movement unique to the Aboriginals of North America and around the world.


The Ladies in Rainbow


A beautiful display of workmanship from the Society for the Museum of Original Costume


Shoulder-to-toe fishnets and a fury of colour – Outstanding!

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