How to Style Your Corset

beadedcorsetThe corset is a design often thought to be reserved for the…boudoir. Though, that wasn’t its original purpose. For nearly four centuries, the corset was the only form of ‘support’ us ladies had. It was worn beneath the clothing to create a curvy silhouette and accentuate the Décolletage. The original corsets were stiff, constrictive and impractical.Thankfully, the original design has undergone a series of overhauls, and the corset has become more mainstream. It was seen both as a sensual addition to the boudoir, but it was fashion Gods like Jean Paul Gaultier and style icons like Madonna who catapulted the corset into the world of  couture. There have always been the die-hard corset wearers, but for those who want try a little something different,  I implore you to be brave, bring the corset out of the boudoir, and have some fun incorporating it into your wardrobe!

Lingerie at the Office


Comfort is Key..I repeat…COMFORT IS KEY!

Polka Dot Corset
I know. Who would have thought corset and comfort would be in the same sentence?! But donning a corset doesn’t mean you need a second party to lace up before you head out the door, the Elizabethan times are behind us! There are plenty of variations from the standard self-suffocating designs. This chic Dolce & Gabbana corset-style top is a great alternative.
Don’t be Afraid of Colour & Patterns

Corsets, by design, are anything but boring, and the perfect excuse to bring a little pop of colour to your outfit. If you’re rocking your corset during the day, especially in an office setting, you may want to stay away from anything with too much lace, otherwise you just look like you’re wearing lingerie to work.  On the flip side,  do look for something with a colour and print!

Coordinate Your Corset

Sachika collection at STYLE360 in New York on September 13, 2011

Yes, the rumour is true, cat suits, body suits and colour coordinated styles are back with a vengeance. This is the perfect opportunity to flaunt that svelte summer figure you’ve been working hard on all year. You could also style your corset with a beautiful, flowy maxi skirt in the same tone and go for an ethereal yet edgy look.

T-Shirts, Tanks & Corsets are the Perfect Marriage


Got a crisp white t-shirt or simple tank kicking around? Of course you do, those are staples! Style your corset with a single-tone t-shirt or tank, and take your look from street to chic. Throw on some boyfriend jeans or a high-waisted pencil skirt, and give your look a little extra oomph!

Now that I’ve given you a few ideas on how to style your corset, have some fun with it! Spice up your work wardrobe with a printed corset or two, turn up the heat on a hot date night, and transform a simple street style into a couture runway look.

How do you style your corset?

style your corset





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