A quick glance over at the travel section of my bookshelf, and I am reminded of the hours and hours I used to spend sitting cross-legged on my living room floor, magazines and travel guide books strewn about, pen in one hand, coil notebook in the other, noting down all the must-sees of my impending trip. Every backpacker worth their salt has had a dog-earred Lonely Planet or guidebook of the like crammed into the midst of their things, ready at a moment’s notice. But the internet has changed everything! Nowadays, I find myself scanning the shelves of my favourite travel book stores less and less, and instead, spending more time looking at various forms of media to help me make my travel decisions. Rather than subscribe to expensive cable channels on TV, or waste money on travel books and magazines that go out of date at the precise moment they’re published, YouTube has been a great resource, offering up a treasure trove of great travel channels, produced by passionate globetrotters around the world. Here are my top 5 YouTube Travel Channels to watch in 2015:

The BBC Travel Show 

The BBC has long been an excellent resource for travel tips, especially in the last few years. With a blend of lengthy documentaries, quick tips, reviews and stunning videography, The BBC Travel Channel is a YouTube Travel Channel that offers unique and a sometime gritty perspective on destinations the world over.

Hey Nadine

This vivacious young lady has my dream job..literally! Flitting about the globe, making fun and funny travel videos. With 40 countries under her belt, she has plenty to offer globetrotting wannabes. Her YouTube Travel channel is updated twice weekly, her tips are great and her enthusiasm contagious. She also has a great travel blog!

Expoza Travel 

If you can find 25 minutes out of your day to watch a really great travel video, Expoza has oodles of them. With each video serving as a miniature guide of sorts, you really get a feel for a particular destination which will help you make educated decisions when it comes to your travel arrangements.

Story Travelers 


Passionate travellers are contagious and as an anthropologist, I’m attracted to a good story like a moth to a flame. Which is why I love Story Travelers so much. This collective of fascinating people tell  the story of travel through art.


The Vagabrothers have been a little addiction of mine for the last six months. They’re hilarious, and I love their little quips back and forth. They’ve done collaborations with travel guru Hey Nadine and their videos are fantastically informative. Last year, their hard work paid off when they won a coveted global award that paid them to travel the globe for six months with BBBTV!

If you have a favourite go-to YouTube Travel Channel, share it below!

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