My name is Jordana and for nearly all of my life, I’ve called the rain-drenched shores of Canada’s Pacific Northwest my home. I’m a new mom, wife to an avid tech geek, and I’ve been attempting to be a travel blogger for just over 10 years.

Attempting you ask? Well. Sort of. I’ve never been what you would call an “influencer.” This blog has never paid the bills, and in all my years of writing, I’ve never really cared about my “following.” And every single trip you’ll read about on this blog was funded by yours truly. The truth is, I’ve earned more writing for other travel publications and contributing to other blogs. I never really given this blog a chance…until now.

So why now? Well, a lot has happened in the last decade. I went from being a runaway bride, to traveling the world, to having a baby and starting a consulting business. And while I’ve intermittently published articles here and there, there’s more to the story. The Urban Xenophile was originally created to share travel stories and tips and discuss and celebrate cultural diversity. But life doesn’t exist in stasis, and neither should a blog.

So what is this blog about now

The good news is, there will still be plenty of travel content, because much like my affinity for slushed coffee drinks, I have an addiction to travel. So you can still come and find plenty of travel tips, destination inspiration, and maybe, you’ll need my consulting services someday. And there will still be interesting culturally focused content. But it’s also going to get a bit more personal. I’m going to open the door a little wider and talk more about my new life as a mom. What it’s like to live to move from a big city to a small town in your thirties. Or what it’s like to fail over and over and over again but laugh it off, because succeeding at everything is boring.

What kind of traveller am I? 

  • A hardcore backpacker for years, but because my traveling is more business related now, I’m more of a flashpacker. I’m passionate about responsible travel and culturally focused travel, though I think of every trip as an adventure!

Where Have I been? 

  • I’m actually not 100% sure of the precise number of countries, I just know it’s over 60. I’ve explored Canada & the United States in depth, all of southern Africa, Western Europe, the Caribbean, some of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, China & Japan.

Have I Ever Done a Round the World Trip

  • Yep! I threw everything I owned into storage, sold my apartment, dusted off my backpack and chased my true love (at the time) around the world for a year. I came home penniless, jobless and homeless and it was the best decision I’ve made in my life thus far.

What’s the Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Experienced? 

  • I spent a couple of heart pounding months running around with lions in Zambia, thought I was going to die in a major landslide in southern China oh and I once accidentally called David Beckham short and didn’t realize he was right behind me. (I’ll never live that down)

What’s the One Thing I Never Leave Home Without? 

  • Gravol. No seriously, I suffer from the worst motion sickness known to man. And the next thing? A little device that let’s me avoid exposing my nether regions to roaming wild animals. Too many endless bus rides across treeless deserts to not to have one.

Where’s the Last Place I Travelled? 

  • I just came home from an epic Alaskan cruise.

Have I Ever Done Any Responsible Travel Projects? 

  • Yes! My lion project in Zambia was actually a research and conservation program. I lived and worked alongside volunteers from around the world.

What’s the Thing I Miss the Most About Home When I Travel? 

  • As much as I love travel, I still get homesick. I’m very close to my family (who also happen to be avid globetrotters). And when I walk through the door, I’m greeted by my beautiful blue-eyed Australian shepherd, and his partner in crime, a 12 year old Siamese.

What’s the Best Thing About Travel?

  • Experiencing different cultures, stumbling my way through new languages, getting lost amidst daunting landscapes, and learning how all these things can make me a better human.


Enjoy the blog!

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