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    Gone Coastal on the Sunshine Coast

    Travel is an integral part of my life, and if I can, I like to slip away from the city as often as I can. And when I’ve lost my muse and I need a little breather, I head to the tranquility of the sunshine coast. Here are a few pics from my latest trip! Summer was in full bloom Two exquisite and regal Eagles watch over their nest dutifully If you ever need recommendations for the Sunshine Coast, I wouldn’t hesitate to include this little gem for sure! A Dream Come True Cottage is nestled in a quiet neighbourhood in Roberts Creek. It was a perfect haven for an…

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    A Night Out at Bittered Sling

    Vancouver is a culinary wonderland and one of my favourite past times is to head out on the town with my beau for some good eats followed by some great cocktails. There are any number of restaurants in town that are more than capable of providing great fare, but none can offer the sort of unique and intimate experience that you get when you sit down with forty some off diners at the Bittered Sling Bistro. It’s a fabulous and delectable three course meal that is whipped up by a good friend of mine, the brilliant Chef¬†Jonathan Chovancek, co-owner of Kale & Nori, a boutique style catering company. The other…

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    A Safari through the Okavango Delta

    The Wilds of the Okavango Delta, Botswana Botswana. Just typing it stirs an overwhelming sense of nostalgia in my soul. If I close my eyes, I can smell the myriad of sun burnt grasses of the Savannah, the sweet muskiness of elephant dung and unmistakable waft of not-so-freshly picked bones of a nearby carcass. Traveling through Southern Africa was marked by endless moments of wonderment, marvel and since my return to Canada, I’ve been left aching for the soils of Africa. My journey took me from Capetown to Livingstone, where I spent a spell volunteering with lions. Yes, lions.¬† We’ll save that story for another time. Let me, if only…

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    Anthropology Spotlight: What is Culture?

    There are about 20-30 different academic definitions of the word “culture”. But it’s really more than just a word. It’s a word that conjures up all sorts of images, emotions, opinions and beliefs. From the 15th century until as recently as the late 1900’s, it was widely accepted by the conquering West, that “natives” (indigenous people’s) were savage and simple, to be treated more like unruly animals than human beings. Western Europeans believed lover’s of philosophy, art and music were closer to nature, and therefore “cultured”. Ironically, indigenous people’s or First Nation’s as they are called here in Canada, had (and still have) cultures that were (are) defined by nature.…

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    This is my first post

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