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    Photo Essay: The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

    During a five press trip to Anchorage, it snowed, it rained, but for one day, Alaska did its damnedest to show off, and I was lucky enough to spend a day hanging out at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. By now I’m sure you’ve guessed that I love animals, and having done volunteer work with wildlife rehab programs in the past, I had to come here! The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center “is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Alaska’s wildlife through conservation, public education, and quality animal care. AWCC takes in injured and orphaned animals year-round and provides spacious enclosures and quality animal care. Animals that cannot be released into the…

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    Visiting New York City: Soak It Up & Feel Like a Local

    Visiting New York City during the spring and summer months is an amazing stop-over for those unfamiliar with Gotham’s best. That said, prices can get as high as the August humidity for certain activities, so visiting New York City on a budget requires some research for cost effective diversions, and a bit of pre-planning. Here are several affordable activities in NYC that will make you feel like a life-long New Yorker and give you a sense of the city’s flavor! Museums Nowhere in the world is there a finer and more diverse collection of museums than in New York City. From MoMA, the Met, and the American Museum of Natural…

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    Top 10 Awesome Animal Encounters from Around the World

    Some people prefer the thrill of leaping out of a plane, gravity at its finest, the ground below, rushing at them like a Category 4 hurricane, the adrenaline palpable. My heart races just thinking about it. But for me, walking alongside a 200lb African Lion, or  coming to face-to-face with a Wood Bison is not only a thrill, but a privilege. And when I’m thousands of miles from home, the distance is often forgotten when a lazy pup trots on over for a simple head scratch or nose around for something to eat. With a pocket perpetually full of kibble, and an uncanny ability to attract even the mangiest of…

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    Around The World in 8 Million Objects: The British Museum

    Whenever I’m in London, I make it a point to visit my place of worship. Nope, it’s not St. Paul’s Cathedral, or Westminster Abbey. They’re lovely, but as an Atheist (gasp!) my admiration for English churches doesn’t go much further than the exquisiteness of their towering buttresses, the craftsmanship of stained glass windows or the eerily beautiful acoustics found only in frighteningly cavernous spaces. I’m not really the praying kind. But there is one place that always has me in awe the moment I cross its threshold, and it’s the British Museum. The British Museum is one of the largest museums in the world and in my opinion, it’s not…