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    Top 5 Best Bali Beaches for New Surfers

    For the last eight decades, wave riders from around the world have been flocking to Bali’s beautiful beaches in hopes of catching the big one. With the peak surfing season running from May to September, there is no shortage of fantastic surf spots. However, if you’re stepping onto a board for the first time, the renown Balinese Pipeline at Padang Padang, or the challenging ‘Racetracks’ at Uluwatu can be a tad intimidating. So before you try anything death defying, there are a number of surf spots perfect for those first time wave riders. Kuta Beach  It’s hard to believe the maze of alleyways that make up the island’s backpacker mecca…

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    5 Ways to Save with a Travel Agent

    “I’ll just book it online.” Those words were once thought to be the kiss of death for the travel industry. And in all fairness, there isn’t much you can’t book online yourself these days. From hotels, to luxury yachts to a Disney Parkhopper, with the click of a mouse, your trusty credit card and some simple planning, you can throw together a fun getaway. So why bother with a travel agent? Well, it’s not always so simple and the savings aren’t always there – Here are a few ways a travel agent can save you money! When Sh*t hits the fan, you want us in your corner! When I was…

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    8 Pieces of Advice for the Generation “Me” Girl

    You know those posts that start with: 10 Things I wish someone Had Told Me When? I never read those things. What’s the point? Sure, if someone had told me that some days, being a teenager was going to feel like climbing Everest with no shoes, on the coldest day, naked, maybe I would’ve been better prepared. But probably not. And besides, I wouldn’t be who I am today if someone had given me all the answers. There’s no manual for adolescence or early adulthood, it’s a damn free-for-all, a real life Hunger Game. Not even a compass would have helped me navigate the labyrinth of uncontrollable emotion, angst, fear, self-loathing, and unrealized…

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      My name is Jordana and for nearly all of my life, I’ve called the rain-drenched shores of Canada’s Pacific Northwest my home. I’m a new mom, wife to an avid tech geek, and I’ve been attempting to be a travel blogger for just over 10 years. Attempting you ask? Well. Sort of. I’ve never been what you would call an “influencer.” This blog has never paid the bills, and in all my years of writing, I’ve never really cared about my “following.” And every single trip you’ll read about on this blog was funded by yours truly. The truth is, I’ve earned more writing for other travel publications and contributing…