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    15 Reasons Why Backpacking China is Totally Worth It

    Backpacking China is probably not at the top of your bucketlist for 2016, but it should be. Unfortunately, this fascinating country seems to be getting a bad wrap these days. Especially in my neck of the woods. Flip on the news and all you hear about is how Mainland Chinese buyers are driving up the cost of our housing. And down south, Donald Trump is either busy vilifying China (this video is hilarious) or rattling on about how much he loves it. All that aside, I’m growing a little tired of hearing people dismiss such an important player in human history. Relax! It’s not like you have to pledge your…

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    Come Explore Extreme British Columbia

    The slogan for my beloved British Columbia has long been “supernatural”. With its sweeping, mountainous landscapes, endless pristine lakes and rivers, an abundance of wildlife and forests so tall, you can’t help but feel insignificant, you get the feeling that mother nature may play favourites with us! As an adventure traveller, the most difficult decision you will be faced with, is where to start! Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed, choice is a gift! Let’s get you acquainted with my backyard, so you can come explore extreme British Columbia! There are few experiences that are as authentically Canadian as racing across the icy tundra behind a team of invigorated sled dogs. Dog-sledding through Northern…