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    5 Reasons to Book a Topdeck Tour

    Every travel consultant worth their salt has a favourite tour company to share with their clients. I have a few favourites, depending on the demographic, but for anyone between 18 into their mid thirties, as a Canadian travel consultant, my top choice is Topdeck. With more than 40 years of awesome tour experience under their belt, Topdeck has more than earned their stripes on the organized tour landscape. And after personally travelling with them on three separate occasions in Africa, North America and Europe, I have 5 great reasons to get you on a Topdeck tour: Please follow and like us:

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    Israel, Jordan & Morocco: 3 Awesome Topdeck Tours to Book

    If you were on the blog last week, you probably saw my 5 Reasons to Book a Topdeck tours post so you’re more than familiar with why I love this company for 18-30 somethings. If you’ve always dreamed of camping with the Berbers, diving with over 1200 species in the Red Sea or partying in the Lonely Planet’s Top 10 places to party in the world (Tel Aviv!), I definitely have some options to entice you. Jordan & Israel (9 or 10 Days) Despite media rhetoric and misgivings about this part of the world, Israel is one of the most fascinating countries I’ve ever traveled through! Whether you’re a foodie, an archaeology…