Vancouver is a culinary wonderland and one of my favourite past times is to head out on the town with my beau for some good eats followed by some great cocktails. There are any number of restaurants in town that are more than capable of providing great fare, but none can offer the sort of unique and intimate experience that you get when you sit down with forty some off diners at the Bittered Sling Bistro. It’s a fabulous and delectable three course meal that is whipped up by a good friend of mine, the brilliant Chef Jonathan Chovancek, co-owner of Kale & Nori, a boutique style catering company. The other half of the dynamic duo, bartender extraordinaire Lauren Mote and Jonathan’s romantic partner in crime, sets the stage for a dining experience you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Guest bartenders, both veterans and amateurs, compete on alternate nights and provide perfect palette-pleasing cocktail pairings with each of the dishes served. At a mere $60 per person including tax and gratuity, it’s not only a steal, but it’s a fabulous opportunity to get all dolled up, and make some new friends!

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