Travel is an integral part of my life, and if I can, I like to slip away from the city as often as I can. And when I’ve lost my muse and I need a little breather, I head to the tranquility of the sunshine coast. Here are a few pics from my latest trip!

Summer was in full bloom

Two exquisite and regal Eagles watch over their nest dutifully

If you ever need recommendations for the Sunshine Coast, I wouldn’t hesitate to include this little gem for sure! A Dream Come True Cottage is nestled in a quiet neighbourhood in Roberts Creek. It was a perfect haven for an aimless writer like myself.

Sorry gang, no pictures of the interior, you’re just going to have to come see how lovely it is for yourselves!

Everywhere you look, the Sunshine Coast is teeming with life.

The  Sunshine Coast is rugged, yet forgiving and if you spend enough time here, you’ll slip under its intoxicating spell much like I did years and years ago.

If you want to book your own slice of affordable heaven on the Sunshine Coast, check out VRBO or AirBnB.

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