Yes, this week I am featuring yet another JustFab style, and you might want to get used to it because as of this very moment, they’re having a 2 for 1 sale, and this just might keep me blathering on about this company until sometime next season. That is, until another shoe club dangles a proverbial carrot in front of my face, but until that day, I’m going to keep reviewing JustFab until my feet hurt.

LeightonThis week I’ve chosen an oxford style bootie called Leighton. I know JustFab calls it a bootie, but I think it’s more of a pump crossed with a sandal. I purchased this style at 20% off about a month ago, in spite of its rating of 78% at  the time. Being the cautious buyer that I am, I thoroughly read through the reviews, and though there was a plethora of negative reviews, I threw the dice, and decided that they were far too unique of a style to pass up. So I held my breath, tapped in the credit card info, and anxiously awaited the arrival of my new brown Leightons.

Ten days later, I was shredding through tissue paper like it was Christmas morning. There was an unmistakable gasp from my mouth, and I despite the fact that no one was around to share in my delight, I shrieked! The shoe was even more svelte in my hands than depicted online, and, as you know with any online purchase, is always such a treat. The faux suede looked elegant, and felt soft, not stiff and starchy like other cheap suede imitations. And though many who rated the shoe previously, stated that the soft brown tone makes it a difficult colour to pair with anything, I think they just need a little bit more imagination. It’s a warm, earthy brown, and there are few colour palettes that, when coordinated carefully,  aren’t complemented by that shade.

The fit itself was completely true to size. I’m an 8.5 with a narrow foot, and they fit as if they were designed for me personally. And here’s where the compliments stop unfortunately. Leighton is undoubtedly a five incher, but with the platform, and an overly accentuated beveled toe, if you’re not used to walking on the ball of your foot, this shoe is going to spell disaster for you. I’ve definitely spent a good chunk of my life teetering around in stilettos and I feel confident in saying that I am entirely comfortable in heels, however, in Leighton, the extreme angle of the heel, coupled with an awkward platform, make for a rather un-sexy walk that resembles more a giraffe learning to stand, than a woman trying make it down the street with a little dignity.

I have ventured out of the house with these babies for two outings, both of which I spent most of the time just standing, and while the compliments were plentiful and Leighton had my shoe-loving gals gushing, I can’t grade her too high. She get’s an A+ for style and design, but I have give her a C- for wear-ability. While I’m not regretting my purchase, because they are super unique and uber sexy, I do have to think twice before teetering out the door for any event that involves me standing for longer than twenty minutes!


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