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As soon as I saw this shoe, I wanted it in every color imaginable. I would have bought ten pairs on a whim, luckily for my credit card (not so much my wardrobe), I only bought the one color. Purple. There was a choice of red, blue, black, grey and this gorgeous purple, and with it being one of the hottest colors of the summer, the shoe practically shipped itself! I bought it in another one of JustFab‘s epic 2-for-1 sales. Now, for the technical details:

The shoe is definitely running a half size too big. I’m almost always an 8.5 in JustFab‘s shoes, but I could have easily and comfortably fit into an 8. It’s slightly disappointing because the solution isn’t as easy as slipping in a thicker insole, there is some back of the ankle slippage if you don’t use some sort of adhesive padding around the heel of the shoe.

The color is 100% true to what’s shown online. And I would even go so far as to say, it’s a richer purple out of the box, something that is really difficult to capture in a studio photograph.

The Bevin is made from smooth faux suede, and as the description reads (‘velvety’), I would agree with that assessment. There were no loose threads or tears, and the finishing around the heel cap area looked flawless. And just to put your mind at ease, I traipsed around on a lawn for an hour in them, aerating it as I went, and at the end of the night, the shoe looked as new as when I tore it from its box! The only issue I had was that along the inside of the toe area, there was some unexpected chafing, so you may want to arm yourself with blister band-aids for the evening.

I’ll be wearing these for quite a few seasons! The heel is a true 5 inch with a platform that is both manageable and comfortable. But for the sizing and the minor chafing, this shoe is pretty darn near perfect, and the only other issue I had was trying to keep wedding guests from man-handling them when I eventually took them off!

The Verdict:
Totally in love with these shoes, and I’ll be wearing them whenever and wherever I get the chance! (Pictured above with H&M Fashion Star Dress)

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