Visiting New York City during the spring and summer months is an amazing stop-over for those unfamiliar with Gotham’s best. That said, prices can get as high as the August humidity for certain activities, so visiting New York City on a budget requires some research for cost effective diversions, and a bit of pre-planning. Here are several affordable activities in NYC that will make you feel like a life-long New Yorker and give you a sense of the city’s flavor!

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Nowhere in the world is there a finer and more diverse collection of museums than in New York City. From MoMA, the Met, and the American Museum of Natural History, to the Whitney and Guggenheim, the possibilities are near-endless for art and culture aficionados. Admissions prices vary according to destination, but most are “suggested” and affordable. Though museums will keep you indoors during the best weather, they will also keep you occupied for an extended stay.

Union Square Greenmarket

Union Square Greenmarket, New York CityFrom its humble beginnings in 1976, the UnionSquare Greenmarket has grown to become an institution in lower Manhattan. Featuring a broad palette of foodstuffs, the Greenmarket caters to health-minded shoppers and those interested in supporting regional agriculture. On the nicest weather days, the Greenmarket draws H-U-G-E crowds of locals and tourists, so be prepared. Take heart though, there’s no admission to the Union Square Greenmarket, and prices are fairly reasonable for the products offered.

Washington Square Park

Sometimes lost in Manhattan’s skyscraping reputation is the depth of its historic roots. No location personifies New NYC_-_Whashington_Square_park_-_ArchYork City’s Colonial-era heritage better than Washington Square Park in the heart of Greenwich Village. Visitors to the Park can revel in the entryway Arch at the base of 5th Avenue, as well as the renovated fountain area that regularly attracts a diverse cross section of tourists, students, and street performers. The Park’s true historical value goes far beyond its architecture, however, as its grounds were used for various purposes from the American Revolution onward. Keen-eyed visitors will want to look for the “Hanging Tree” (or “Hanging Elm”) in the Park’s Northwest corner, as legend reports it to be the site of public executions from two centuries ago.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

NYC_-_St_Patrick_Cathedral_-_Facade_and_AtlasIf there is one word to describe visiting New York City’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral it would be “exquisite,” though a single adjective is insufficient. St. Patrick’s is a glorious example of architectural grandeur situated in one of Gotham’s busiest midtown areas. Dating to the mid-19th Century, St. Patrick’s remains a powerful symbol of faith and tradition within the City, but also provides an exceptional opportunity to experience a majestic landmark. As one of the most awe-inspiring free attractions in NYC, the Cathedral affords passers-by a chance to view and/or photograph one of the city’s most beautiful landmarks. Whether attending mass or merely stopping by the gift shop, visitors will find St. Patrick’s Cathedral to be an unforgettable experience

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