“A kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear; kisses are the messengers of love and tenderness.” From Ingrid Bergman’s lips to Humphrey Bogart’s ears, there are still those of us wandering the earth seeking that epic love. As a bonafide cupid kid and unabashed, hopeless romantic, one of the toughest parts of the year (for me), passed me by. I grew one year older amidst  a sea of badly written Hallmark cards, cheap chocolate and tacky stuffed creatures and when the dust settled, I found myself thinking about all the beautiful places in the world I’d experienced romance, but more importantly, all the places I’ve yet to be kissed! Here is my top 10 most romantic places to kiss:

The Empire State 


No, this isn’t merely an ode to Sleepless in Seattle, though there’s definitely something romantic about meeting a beautiful stranger on top of the world to share a first kiss. I’ve been to New York close to ten times, but none saw me smooching at 34th and 5th Ave!

Top of the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier 

"Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel" by Laura Choate - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Santa_Monica_Pier_Ferris_Wheel.JPG#mediaviewer/File:Santa_Monica_Pier_Ferris_Wheel.JPG

I know, it’s cheesy, but it’s not just any ferris wheel, it’s Santa Monica Pier. Rising up over the Pacific, peeking out as far as the eye can see, the sun warm and the breeze soft, a perfect place to steal a kiss.

Eternal Love – The Bridge of Eternal Sighs


Everyone who falls in love wants to believe it will be for all eternity. I mean, isn’t that what the vows say, “til death do us part”. I kind of love the idea of sealing the deal beneath a four-hundred year old Venetian bridge. I need all the help I can get! In all honesty, anywhere in Venice would make the top 10 most romantic places to kiss list!

Meet Me By the Inukshuk 

photo-21The word Inkshuk means “something which acts for or performs the function of a person”. It’s a symbol, used to provide direction and give guidance. I’ve walked past this English Bay Inukshuk a hundred times over the years, it’s my beacon, my guide and I just have one more thing to do there.

The Ultimate Ode to Love

tajWhat could be more romantic than kissing the one you love with the world’s most famous ode to love as the backdrop.  Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned the Taj Mahal to be built for his wife. She may have been his third wife, but still, that’s pretty damn romantic!

Kiss Away the Blues at the Blue Lagoon 

bluelagoonIceland is the the land of fire, ice, and folklore, and the absolute perfect place to set the heart and imagination ablaze.

Mid-Air Romance in Kao Tao

A few years back, I found myself scaling these cliffs high above the Thai island of Kao Tao on a solo trip to Southeast Asia. It may sound like something out of an Indiana Jones flick, but as I sat in my harness, dangling hundreds of feet above the lush jungle floor, I thought about how it would have been the perfect place for a mid-air canoodle.

Under the Greek Sun 

santoriniThe warm, azure waters of the Mediterranean may be inviting, and the Acropolis is undoubtedly  spectacular, but I always thought catching the sunset over the caldera from the Santorini town of Imerovigli would epitomize a perfect Greek romance.

Stolen Moments in the Orient

China-024-1 I don’t know that many people would ever think of Beijing as a romantic destination. The continuous hustle and bustle, congested streets, mobs of tourists, not exactly the set for romance. That is, until I wandered into this park and found this bridge. Five years later, and I still think it’d be the perfect place to let the earth spin beneath my feet.

A Kiss Fit for a Princess


I know, I know,  a castle?! Could I be any more cliché? But this isn’t just any castle, this is Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Don’t worry, I’m not about to break into song, but you have to admit there’s something romantic about nestling up to the one you love in the Bavarian foothills.

Did you find romance on the road? Or do you have a special place somewhere in the world you and your loved one shared a special kiss? Where do you think the top 10 most romantic places to kiss in the world are?

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