The slogan for my beloved British Columbia has long been “supernatural”. With its sweeping, mountainous landscapes, endless pristine lakes and rivers, an abundance of wildlife and forests so tall, you can’t help but feel insignificant, you get the feeling that mother nature may play favourites with us! As an adventure traveller, the most difficult decision you will be faced with, is where to start! Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed, choice is a gift! Let’s get you acquainted with my backyard, so you can come explore extreme British Columbia!

Callaghan Lake Dog Sledding - Photo by "Profernity"
Callaghan Lake Dog Sledding – Photo by “Profernity”

There are few experiences that are as authentically Canadian as racing across the icy tundra behind a team of invigorated sled dogs. Dog-sledding through Northern British Columbia’s outback is no Sunday drive, it’s a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping voyage. These pups have the need for speed, so bundle up, grab your camera, and get ready to mush, because if you blink, you just might miss it!

extreme british columbia
Heli-Skiing BC’s Back Country – Photo By Kent Goldman

If being flung across the frozen landscape is right up your alley, why not up the ante and knock off a few more things on that extreme bucket list of yours? If you’ve always dreamed of plummeting from a whirring chopper, in the dead of winter, pack your gear, and let extreme British Columbia lure you to the finest powder you’ve ever touched. With five top-rated mountains to choose from, heli-skiing in the Kootney region of BC is one of those knee-shaking experiences that makes for a great story around the fire. And if you’re not convinced, in 2009, National Geographic named one of BC’s Heli-Ski companies the “best on earth”.

extreme british columbia
Chesterman Beach – Photo By Jordana Manchester

The number of water activities that British Columbia has on offer are infinite, but if you’re after the extraordinary, it’s time to hit the surf on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Jumping into the Pacific Ocean is certainly not for the faint of heart. There is nowhere on earth you can surf a break with a backdrop as exquisite as the old growth rainforest, so make your way to Tofino, Chesterman Beach, Cox Bay or Long Beach. The temperatures may dip below 10°C/50°F in the frosty winter months, but an array of local surf shops in town will provide you with the best in cold weather surf gear to ensure that your experience provides just enough of icy chill to remind you that you’re alive, but not so much so, that you don’t enjoy spending your day riding a wicked left.

extreme british columbia
10,000 Leagues on the Pacific Coast – Photo By Ed Bierman

If you’re an underwater enthusiast, know that the world’s best divers have all flocked to BC at one point or another to explore its fiercely protected coastlines. Home to well over 5,000 species of invertebrates and close to 400 species of fish, octopi, Dungeness Crab and more, it’s an obvious choice for the adventurous! From amateur friendly shore sessions to the most extreme deep water dives, everything is bigger out here on the coast, so why not indulge in the best cold water diving has to offer. This corner of the world is unquestionably the adventure capital of Canada, so get out here and experience extreme British Columbia!

extreme british columbia
Shades of Glass – Photo By Jordana Manchester


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