Back in 2013, travel guru Matt Gibson partnered up with Flight Network to list off Canada’s Top 100 travel bloggers. I was both honoured and humbled to make the cut, but I was also incredibly proud to see so many of my fellow Canuck’s offering up their unique perspectives on world travel. From families relocating, fearless single women, and nomadic freelancers to corporate executives who offset their stressful 9-5’s with unimaginable adventures. Canadian travel bloggers interpret the world with open eyes, hearts and minds, and this list will be the first of many as I do my best to pay hommage to the best in the business!

1. Xpat Matt canadian travel bloggers


Matt Gibson is a small town Canadian travel blogger with all the success anyone stepping into the business for the first time should work towards achieving! His blog XpatMatt is a one-stop shop for everything from travel inspiration, beautiful travel videos to product reviews and fantastic freelance travel writing tips. He’s been featured everywhere from USA Today to the Huffington Post, but accolades aside (and he’s got plenty!), Matt is a straight shooter – He’s honest, his writing is relatable, and though his lifestyle is terribly enviable, he’s a grounded Canadian dude – What’s not to love?

2. Hecktic Travels 

canadian travel bloggers

“No Plans. No possessions. Just Travel.” If you’re a minimalist by nature, these Canadian travel bloggers are living your dream. As an anthropologist and storyteller, it wasn’t their incredibly adventures that caught my eye (though, they are amazing), it was their story that stole my heart. The why. These are not destination junkies – Dalene and Peter have been traveling since 2009, and were named National Geographic Travelers of the Year, they’re out there living life to the absolute fullest and doing us all proud!

3. Man on the Lam

canadian travel bloggers

Man on the Lam creator Raymond Walsh was once asked in an interview what he would be doing if he wasn’t traveling, his reply: “Probably lying in a grave somewhere. That’s the only thing that’s going to stop me at this point.” Man on the Lam is probably one of the best travel blogs anywhere on the web. Raymond, a proud Newfoundlander (which means, he’s naturally hilarious), takes us on a funky journey around the globe through story and delightful randomness.

4. Hike Bike Travel

canadian travel bloggers

If Leigh McAdam isn’t your heroine, she will be now. This fabulous Canuck recently completed 100 outdoor adventures across Canada and wrote a book about it! In terms of Canadian travel bloggers, no one knows our home and native land quite like Leigh. Hike Bike Travel will take you from the heart of Rwanda to the volcanoes of Nicaragua, and back up to depths of the Yukon’s stunning Tombstone’s Mountains. If enjoying mother nature in all her natural splendour is your cup of tea, you’ll love this beautiful travel blog!

5. Breath Dream Go

canadian travel bloggers

Put the kettle on. Brew yourself a cup of spiced chai tea. Now inhale deeply. Do you feel it? Now let’s go to India. Mariellen Ward is a Canadian travel writer and cultural explorer that just so happens to write one of the best India travel blogs anywhere on the web! India isn’t the only destination Mariellen writes about, but India is still a mystery for many. The size, the cultural complexity, misnomers, myths and misunderstanding, she writes honestly, and her passion for solo female travel is both encouraging and inspiring.


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    Thank for sharing these Jordan! Now I’ll have even less free time, with all these travel blogs to add to my reading list 😉

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