It’s time to start thinking about your next cultural adventure! The Day of the Dead is one of Mexico’s most beloved festivals and G Adventures has teamed up with National Geographic to take you on an incredible journey to celebrate this macabre yet beautiful celebration of ancestry. Elaborate street parties, larger-than-life pageantry combined with picturesque landscapes and a fury of flavours promise to deliver an experience you’ll never forget. This is your backstage pass to exploring not only the cultural significance of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), but learn how family, community, food and art all ties in with this colourful tradition.



This 8 day itinerary offers up the perfect balance between cultural immersion, and independent discovery. Not only will you experience Day of the Dead from a unique perspective, here’s a selection of cultural activities you get to experience on your tour:

  • Oaxaca Culinary Experience – Participate in a tortilla-making workshop, stop at a chocolate-grinding mill, enjoy a traditional meal at the home of a local family
  • Mezcal Tour –  There are marked differences between Tequila and Mezcal, and the best place to learn that is by sampling – Just don’t swallow the larva, ick! 
  • Monte Albán Tour – Resting between two dramatic valleys lies one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico. Monte Albán, a World UNESCO Heritage site dating back to 500BCE,  was once a thriving capital city complete with palaces, temples and a ballcourt.

If you are an independent traveler who’s hesitant about joining a tour, here’s why National Geographic Journeys by G Adventures is right for you:

Not Your Average Itinerary 

G Adventure itineraries are anything but boring, but National Geographic Journeys take it to the next level. These tours are a boutique collection of experiences, designed for the culturally curious traveler. And because of the small group size (Maximum 16 people), you’re able to get around quicker and enjoy more off-the-beaten path locales, thus avoiding running into larger tour groups.

Unique Accommodations

For some travelers, a hotel is merely where you lay your head at night, but for others, it’s waking up to sip your perfectly brewed espresso at the Hotel Carlton overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice, or catching up on some postcards perched 2900m above sea at the historic Hotel Dewachen in Bhutan – Where you rest your head should enhance your experience, and that’s what you’ll experience on these tours.

More Inclusions

National Geographic Journeys offer more included meals than other G Adventures Travel Styles. Which means not only will you get to experience fantastic local restaurants, you also get to experience sit-downs with local families, and culinary classes where you get to eat your own creations.

TONS of Free Time

The main objection I hear from clients when they’re first considering any tour company is they don’t want to feel like they’re being herded around like cattle. Me neither! Learning about local culture is a personal endeavour, which is why National Geographic Journeys strikes the perfect balance between structure and free time. Additionally, if you want to delve even deeper, there are plenty of optional excursions you can take to get your culture fix.

Support Local Communities

Clients who travel with National Geographic Journeys are funding G Adventures community development initiatives around the world, as well as National Geographic’s Society non-profit work in conservation, exploration, research and education.

This tour sells out every year so don’t wait! Contact me at to secure your tour spot, arrange flights, travel insurance and provide invaluable advice on traveling to Mexico!






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