• my anxiety

    How I Tackle My Anxiety with a Subscription Box

    I don’t often get too personal on this blog, which is something I’m actively working on. Most of the content on here is travel related, which makes sense considering this blog was originally meant to merely document my  personal travels. But over the last 10 years, life changed…dramatically. I started to travel less frequently, but more meaningfully. I adopted a dog. I ended a five-year long relationship, started another one, and topped it all off with having a baby! Then I moved to a small town to plant my Canadian roots a little deeper. But through all of those changes, there’s one thing that’s been constant most of my life…

  • bike tour of copenhagen

    Jet-lagged in the City of Spires: A Bleary-Eyed Bike Tour of Copenhagen

    Okay, so by now you’ve probably read about our first few days in Denmark, my temporary nervous breakdown, and how we prevailed in the end. Excellent. You now know we’re not perfect parents, we let our one year old’s sleeping schedule or lack thereof dictate the pace of our trip (for the most part), and you’re probably looking over at your sleeping infant thinking, “there is no way in hell I ‘m taking you to Europe after reading that crap“. The awkward part is over. Now it’s time to get to the good stuff: What did we actually get to see and do on this trip? We may as well start…

  • travelling europe with a baby
    Motherhood,  Travel

    So What’s it Really Like Travelling Europe With a Baby?

    It’s 4:30am, Copenhagen time. I’m pacing around our charming, death-trap of an apartment I thought I was so clever to find. Live like the locals, I mutter angrily to myself under my own breath. I’ve already dismantled an antique copper table, and hidden a vase I’m sure was worth more than my car. I encircle the impressive library, my half-opened eyes scanning the spines for English titles. On my overly fatigued right hip bounces a rather surly one year old, with Herculean strength, the lungs of a German yodeler and a vicious case of jet-lag. Sleep evades everyone in the household except for my partner who is snoring soundly in…

  • authentic alaskan gifts

    Where to Buy Authentic Alaskan Gifts

    Chachki; Also known as unnecessary, sometimes meaningless crap, cluttering up bookshelves, tables and walls of homes the world over. Whats more, it doesn’t matter where you go in the world, there’s a million shops bursting at the seams with cheap, made in China crap, slapped with whatever the name of the destination is, just waiting to be snapped up by Chachki collectors. I am definitely guilty of picking up the odd magnet, but on a recent trip up Alaska’s Inside Passage, I decided I was only going to buy authentic Alaskan gifts for myself and my loved ones. And while the ‘ol adage “collect memories not things” has long resonated, these…

  • day-of-the-dead

    National Geographic Journeys: Day of the Dead

    It’s time to start thinking about your next cultural adventure! The Day of the Dead is one of Mexico’s most beloved festivals and G Adventures has teamed up with National Geographic to take you on an incredible journey to celebrate this macabre yet beautiful celebration of ancestry. Elaborate street parties, larger-than-life pageantry combined with picturesque landscapes and a fury of flavours promise to deliver an experience you’ll never forget. This is your backstage pass to exploring not only the cultural significance of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), but learn how family, community, food and art all ties in with this colourful tradition. Please follow and like us: