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    What is Real Travel Anyway?

    Over the last decade, travel trends, and buzzwords have dictated where and how people should travel. Certain destinations have not just become popular, but trendy and the travel experience is now harshly judged not only by colleagues and peers, but by the industry itself. It’s no longer socially acceptable to dedicate your hard earned time away from work, to a week on some beach somewhere, doing nothing but eating good food, soaking up some rays, or getting lost in a good book; Unless you’re camping out at Everest Base Camp for two weeks, it’s not real travel! I’ve read countless travel blogs, including some of my most beloved, and in one…

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    Top 5 Best Bali Beaches for New Surfers

    For the last eight decades, wave riders from around the world have been flocking to Bali’s beautiful beaches in hopes of catching the big one. With the peak surfing season running from May to September, there is no shortage of fantastic surf spots. However, if you’re stepping onto a board for the first time, the renown Balinese Pipeline at Padang Padang, or the challenging ‘Racetracks’ at Uluwatu can be a tad intimidating. So before you try anything death defying, there are a number of surf spots perfect for those first time wave riders. Kuta Beach  It’s hard to believe the maze of alleyways that make up the island’s backpacker mecca…