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    British Columbia,  Canada

    Made in BC: A Context Travel Review

    After being out of town on three back-to-back holidays, yesterday I decided to play tourist in my hometown of Vancouver, and join the  Context Travel “Made in BC Culinary Stroll” of historic Granville Island. As much as I love a freshly stamped passport, there’s something so rewarding about experiencing my city like it’s the first time, especially when it involves local food! Who is Context Travel? If tours are not your thing, but intimate and experiential travel is, Context is perfect for you. These are not tours so much as they are walking seminars, led by experts in their field of choice. The idea is to engage travelers in a discussion…

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    Come Explore Extreme British Columbia

    The slogan for my beloved British Columbia has long been “supernatural”. With its sweeping, mountainous landscapes, endless pristine lakes and rivers, an abundance of wildlife and forests so tall, you can’t help but feel insignificant, you get the feeling that mother nature may play favourites with us! As an adventure traveller, the most difficult decision you will be faced with, is where to start! Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed, choice is a gift! Let’s get you acquainted with my backyard, so you can come explore extreme British Columbia! There are few experiences that are as authentically Canadian as racing across the icy tundra behind a team of invigorated sled dogs. Dog-sledding through Northern…

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    Feeling the Pride in Vancouver’s West End

    We may be a few months out from Vancouver’s much anticipated Pride Weekend, but a quick stroll around my neighbourhood aptly demonstrates that Pride isn’t merely an event that occurs over a weekend in June, it’s a state of mind. Here, love and sexuality transcends economic status, ethnic background, and religion. In a country that boasts tolerance, Vancouver’s West End embraces acceptance. It isn’t merely good enough to allow the existence of another, especially when the message of those being tolerated is to love ones self, and celebrate and support the rights of others. “We join with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence around the world through our universal vows to promulgate universal joy, expiate stigmatic…