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This is Cuba: A Photo Diary

I try really hard to travel with an open mind, but no one’s perfect. I’ve often placed far too much trust in guide books and travel bloggers, only to realize  that they their contributions were either too general, or written with such laser focus, it would have been impossible to get a sense of place. And then there’s those posts…

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A Night Out at Bittered Sling

Vancouver is a culinary wonderland and one of my favourite past times is to head out on the town with my beau for some good eats followed by some great cocktails. There are any number of restaurants in town that are more than capable of providing great fare, but none can offer the sort of unique and intimate experience that…

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A Safari through the Okavango Delta

The Wilds of the Okavango Delta, Botswana Botswana. Just typing it stirs an overwhelming sense of nostalgia in my soul. If I close my eyes, I can smell the myriad of sun burnt grasses of the Savannah, the sweet muskiness of elephant dung and unmistakable waft of not-so-freshly picked bones of a nearby carcass. Traveling through Southern Africa was marked…

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