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    Top 10 Best Museums in the USA

    Museums are a place of collective memory, a place where we allocate space and place reverence on objects that allow us to recollect about the past and understand how our lives and histories intersect with one another. They preserve our heritage, and allow the public to gain a greater understanding of the past so we can make better decisions in the future. Whether you’re a historian, anthropologist, or someone with a genuine interest in where we come from, America is a treasure trove of museums, great and small. Here are the Top 10 Best Museums in the USA:   American Natural History Museum Central Park West at 79th Street, New…

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    Top 10 Most Romantic Places to Kiss

    “A kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear; kisses are the messengers of love and tenderness.” From Ingrid Bergman’s lips to Humphrey Bogart’s ears, there are still those of us wandering the earth seeking that epic love. As a bonafide cupid kid and unabashed, hopeless romantic, one of the toughest parts of the year (for me), passed me by. I grew one year older amidst  a sea of badly written Hallmark cards, cheap chocolate and tacky stuffed creatures and when the dust settled, I found myself thinking about all the beautiful places in the world I’d experienced romance, but more importantly, all the places I’ve yet to…

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    8 Pieces of Advice for the Generation “Me” Girl

    You know those posts that start with: 10 Things I wish someone Had Told Me When? I never read those things. What’s the point? Sure, if someone had told me that some days, being a teenager was going to feel like climbing Everest with no shoes, on the coldest day, naked, maybe I would’ve been better prepared. But probably not. And besides, I wouldn’t be who I am today if someone had given me all the answers. There’s no manual for adolescence or early adulthood, it’s a damn free-for-all, a real life Hunger Game. Not even a compass would have helped me navigate the labyrinth of uncontrollable emotion, angst, fear, self-loathing, and unrealized…

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    Is Love “Socially Accepted Insanity”?

    It’s a balmy Monday evening. The sidewalks are a continuous stream of humanity and the mood is jovial. I’m huddled in the corner of a Blenz Coffee shop, at an intersection where affluence meets grit. My original mission was to chip away at an assignment for school, but a recent screening of my new favourite film (Her) has kept my mind too preoccupied for any academic pursuits. Try as I might, I kept circling back to the same topic, to a commonality the vast majority of us share. Whether we’re in the throws of it, falling out of it, desperately seeking it out, or voluntarily running a million miles away…

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    Another JustFab Fave: Meet Bevin

    As soon as I saw this shoe, I wanted it in every color imaginable. I would have bought ten pairs on a whim, luckily for my credit card (not so much my wardrobe), I only bought the one color. Purple. There was a choice of red, blue, black, grey and this gorgeous purple, and with it being one of the hottest colors of the summer, the shoe practically shipped itself! I bought it in another one of JustFab‘s epic 2-for-1 sales. Now, for the technical details: Fit: The shoe is definitely running a half size too big. I’m almost always an 8.5 in JustFab‘s shoes, but I could have easily…