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    How to Survive a Brazilian Roadtrip

    A Brazilian roadtrip sounded like the perfect way to explore a country I’d never seen. Who doesn’t love a good roadtrip? And by good, I mean the kind where almost everything goes wrong. Who wants to listen to someone’s perfectly executed roadtrip? Bor-ing! So when my boyfriend and I decided to throw together a three day Brazilian roadtrip from Sao Paulo to Paraty, we thought, how hard could it be? Please follow and like us:

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    7 Brazil Travel Tips to Know Before You Go

    I recently had the pleasure of adding Brazil to my growing list of most beautiful countries to visit. I took 9 flights, visited 10 cities and lounged on a handful of beaches in just over two weeks, and as always, I’ve returned with tons of awesome travel tips and fun facts starting with these 7 Brazil travel tips to give you a jump start on your own trip planning. 1) Learn the Lingo  English is not widely spoken in Brazil, and while you don’t have a hope in hell of mastering this complicated language before you go, learning a few key phrases will not only help you navigate around, the locals are more…