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    A Canadian in Cuba

    This isn’t another Canadian in Cuba soap opera, this is an all out love affair. I remember sitting in a chair at a travel agency, squirming in my seat uncontrollably as my travel partner was busy flipping through a glossy brochure on Mexico. Ugh. Mexico. Been there. Done that. I don’t know what compelled me, but I looked up at a map on the wall, pointed my finger and declared, “we’re going to Cuba!” Admittedly, I knew very little about Cuba, other than what was taught to me in a high school social studies class. A fiercely communist regime, with Fidel Castro at the helm. I knew a little bit…

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    This is Cuba: A Photo Diary

    I try really hard to travel with an open mind, but no one’s perfect. I’ve often placed far too much trust in guide books and travel bloggers, only to realize  that they their contributions were either too general, or written with such laser focus, it would have been impossible to get a sense of place. And then there’s those posts so positive and syrupy, you wonder if they weren’t written by a tourism board or destination brand. But it doesn’t matter what the angle a travel author takes, we all know travel is so subjective. Not everyone is going to love or hate a destination the same, and will experience…