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    7 Brazil Travel Tips to Know Before You Go

    I recently had the pleasure of adding Brazil to my growing list of most beautiful countries to visit. I took 9 flights, visited 10 cities and lounged on a handful of beaches in just over two weeks, and as always, I’ve returned with tons of awesome travel tips and fun facts starting with these 7 Brazil travel tips to give you a jump start on your own trip planning. 1) Learn the Lingo  English is not widely spoken in Brazil, and while you don’t have a hope in hell of mastering this complicated language before you go, learning a few key phrases will not only help you navigate around, the locals are more…

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    Your Guide to Avoiding Airport Stress

    We’re in the holiday home stretch and your Christmas vacation is just around the corner. This is supposed to be a joyous, happy time of year. But instead of looking forward to your mom’s amazing homemade shortbread cookies or that luxurious Jamaican Jacuzzi suite you saved up all year for, all you can think about is catching a serious case of airport stress. Airport stress is not seasonal, airports are busy all year round, but over the Christmas holiday break, things can get ugly, patience runs low, and blood pressure can go through the roof! Here are some ways to keep the holiday spirit alive and have some fun along the way! 1)…