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Tag: voluntourism

Why is Responsible Travel So Important?

The words responsible travel and “Will I reach my potential?” flash across the screen. I quickly peer about the darkened room, searching the crowd of dimly lit faces. It’s an interesting term and a weighty question, and thanks to Mark Horoszowski of Movingworlds.org, we all paused to think about our own individual legacies. But what does that have to do with responsible travel?…

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Walking With Lions: My Time in Zambia

I’ve known since the third grade that I was destined to go to Africa someday. My fascination began the moment I opened my first National Geographic, a vintage issue dated February 1916, with the headline “How Old is Man?” emblazoned across the cover. Interest was replaced with obsession, and the mysteriousness of the continent was both intoxicating and alluring. Never…

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