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Mixed Feelings: Growing Up Bi-Racial in Canada

Growing up Bi-Racial in Canada. What does “bi-racial” even mean? Well, the good ‘ol Oxford Dictionary defines it as an individual who is “concerning or containing members of two racial groups.” A caucasian mother, Black (biological) father. Check. Okay, if we’re still using the antiquated term “race”, then sure, if the shoe fits, right? I’ve been called a lot of other…

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Around The World in 8 Million Objects: The British Museum

Whenever I’m in London, I make it a point to visit my place of worship. Nope, it’s not St. Paul’s Cathedral, or Westminster Abbey. They’re lovely, but as an Atheist (gasp!) my admiration for English churches doesn’t go much further than the exquisiteness of their towering buttresses, the craftsmanship of stained glass windows or the eerily beautiful acoustics found only…

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