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across storied lands

Across Storied Lands: The Podcast

Well it’s official. I know I am absurdly late to the game, but I’ve just launched my first podcast, and recorded my first episode. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to come around. Maybe it’s because it’s a medium I didn’t think I would have the stamina for. Plus, I don’t exactly love the sound of my…

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bucketlist alaska cruise

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Take A Bucketlist Alaskan Cruise

Updated: February 2019

It’s high noon and while much of the ship is congregating in the Lido Market for lunch, or out on the crowded observation deck, we’re perched on our private verandah, camera in one hand, binoculars in the other, trying to catch our breath with every passing spectacle. The sun affectionately bathes the jagged shorelines of Glacier Bay, emphasizing glistening, snow-packed crevices high above and turquoise, iceberg riddled waters below. Seabirds effortlessly glide atop the arctic thermals at eye level, and in our gentle wake, small fish leap from the depths to catch levitating insects on the ocean surface. What is almost as impressive as the scenery, is how 82,500 tonnes of steel can navigate its way through such narrow passages, and make about as much noise as a small canoe. And then you see it. The Marjerie Glacier; An impressive twenty-one mile long, twenty-five story high wall of vibrant blue glacial ice. This is what a bucketlist Alaskan cruise is all about, and it’s not a trip you want to put off any longer.

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