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    6 Covid Goals I Never Meant to Accomplish

    Honesty time. When the quarantine hit, and your life as you knew it went into lock down, did you make yourself an epic task list? Come on, you did, didn’t you? Did you learn that new language? Did you finish up some old sewing projects? Did you tighten up that exercise regime and come out of quarantine with a six-pack and sculpted derriere just in time for summer? Pffftttt. Yeah. Me neither. I came out the other side of lock-down speaking worse English (consequences of hanging out with your toddler 24/7). I started and stopped a handful of craft projects (had the best intentions, I swear). And I gained a…

  • my anxiety

    How I Tackle My Anxiety with a Subscription Box

    I don’t often get too personal on this blog, which is something I’m actively working on. Most of the content on here is travel related, which makes sense considering this blog was originally meant to merely document my  personal travels. But over the last 10 years, life changed…dramatically. I started to travel less frequently, but more meaningfully. I adopted a dog. I ended a five-year long relationship, started another one, and topped it all off with having a baby! Then I moved to a small town to plant my Canadian roots a little deeper. But through all of those changes, there’s one thing that’s been constant most of my life…