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    All Aboard the Kettle Valley Steam Train

    I meant to publish this months ago, but life with a tiny human has a way of re-prioritizing everything.  Back in October of 2018, my little family celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. And in the weeks leading up to my second favourite food holiday (after Christmas of course), I had been spending a lot of time contemplating what I’m grateful for in life. I took a much needed hiatus from social media, focused on my personal relationships and reflected on how fortunate my partner and I are to be surrounded by loved ones who not only love and cherish us, but joyously bestow the same on our young son. If you follow my…

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    A First Timer’s Guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    A few months back, if you asked me if I would be writing a first timer’s guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I might have chuckled a bit. I haven’t been to an amusement park, other than my small hometown fair, in over twenty years. Pushy crowds, never-ending line-ups, over-priced (crappy) food, neck-breaking, hair-raising rides…none of it has ever appealed to me. In fact, it would give me anxiety just thinking about it. Not to mention the thought of traipsing around an amusement park with a toddler sounded exhausting. However, I am huge fan of Harry Potter, especially after touring Edinburgh, and seeing where JK Rowling would piece…

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    Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Take A Bucketlist Alaskan Cruise

    Updated: February 2019 It’s high noon and while much of the ship is congregating in the Lido Market for lunch, or out on the crowded observation deck, we’re perched on our private verandah, camera in one hand, binoculars in the other, trying to catch our breath with every passing spectacle. The sun affectionately bathes the jagged shorelines of Glacier Bay, emphasizing glistening, snow-packed crevices high above and turquoise, iceberg riddled waters below. Seabirds effortlessly glide atop the arctic thermals at eye level, and in our gentle wake, small fish leap from the depths to catch levitating insects on the ocean surface. What is almost as impressive as the scenery, is…

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    Namibia: A Personal Journey Across the Red Sands

    This year marks an important anniversary; It’s been a decade since my trip to Namibia. It’s poignant, not just because it’s an anniversary, but because since the birth of my son, I’ve been compiling a list of all the incredible places I want to take him when he’s older, and Namibia is one of them. Back in 2013, my trip to Namibia was featured on a Canadian Travel Blog: 1Life196Countries. Kelly Little, travel author, mom extraordinaire, and anthropology graduate, asked me to write a piece about my time in Namibia. So I sat down one afternoon and poured over my field notes, scrawled on the pages of my moleskin journal (I…

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    Motherhood and Autoimmune Disease

    A small cry makes its way down the upstairs hall of my quiet town home. My eyes flutter open. I fumble for my phone perched on my nightstand. I touch the screen. It’s 3:46am. The cry gets louder, more earnest. I swing my legs over the edge of my bed, slip on my robe, and take a deep breath. Pain. A dizzying throbbing in my left ear, whooshing over my ear drum. A deep ache meanders down from my elbows to my finger tips. My mouth is a desert, my legs feel heavy, and as I finally steady myself enough rise and shuffle down the hallway, my knees click and…