Honesty time. When the quarantine hit, and your life as you knew it went into lock down, did you make yourself an epic task list? Come on, you did, didn’t you? Did you learn that new language? Did you finish up some old sewing projects? Did you tighten up that exercise regime and come out of quarantine with a six-pack and sculpted derriere just in time for summer? Pffftttt. Yeah. Me neither. I came out the other side of lock-down speaking worse English (consequences of hanging out with your toddler 24/7). I started and stopped a handful of craft projects (had the best intentions, I swear). And I gained a solid 10lbs; There is absolutely nothing sculpted about anything on my mom bod. I was riding out waves of anxiety and depression, watching my career dwindle to nothing, and feeling the walls of my potential close in around me. Thankfully, I managed to claw my way through the fog, into some normalcy, and ironically, I ended up stumbling into some completely unintentional covid goals.

How does one do that exactly? Well…have a read…

Enrolled in an Online Business Program

Confession time. I am good at what I do. Designing and curating epic travel adventures (yeah, I know it sounds braggy, but it’s okay to be proud of what you do). I’m detail oriented. I’m knowledgeable. And I’ve nurtured and maintained some fantastic relationships with my vendors over the years. And my business is 94% referrals, which is fantastic. But NONE of that translates into good business acumen. Covid-19 struck the tourism industry like a wildfire. With over 110 million folks around the world out of a job, many of those travel advisors. I know there will be an eventual return to travel, but I also know, only a few of us are going to survive this, so I need an edge. I can’t just be good at what I do anymore, I need to be exceptional. So I thew myself into a business travel focused business program. Which meant upgrading skills, learning new ones, building an audience, and finally treating my business like a business. Here’s hoping my investment pays off!

Potty Training #CovidGoals

Potty Trained My Toddler

Full disclosure, I didn’t do this all by myself. I had a LOT of help from two sources. The ingenious literary musings of Jamie Glowacki and the epic patience of my partner in life. Anyone who is a parent knows that potty training can go one of two-hundred ways. You nail it, or it’s a series of messy, odorous, hair-pulling disasters after another. But we figured, what better time to potty train than while we’re holed up in our house? Admittedly, we got pretty lucky. Our tiny human had his rhythm within three days. It’s been nearly four months, and while there have been regressions (totally normal so don’t panic if your perfectly potty-trained toddler starts having accidents) it gets better, and you’ll find success sooner than you think.

Now we just have to sort out the night training. Le sigh.

covid goals

Started a Podcast

Ummm yeah. I Didn’t see this one coming. At. All. A podcast is quite possibly the last type of medium I would use to share my thoughts. I kind of despise the sound of my own voice (don’t most of us?) and even though I personally have a few favourite podcasts I’ve been listening to over the years, I didn’t think anyone would find me blathering on very interesting. I’ve only recorded five episodes, and as challenging as it is to eek out time to research, write scripts and record (which is basically over nap-time, and after bedtime), I have a lovely little audience who’ve been incredibly supportive and I’m having lot’s of fun doing it. It’s by far one of my favourite accomplished Covid goals.

Maybe even as much as writing! So I’m excited to see where it takes me.


Thinned Out My Social Media Circle

I reeeeally didn’t mean for this to be one of my Covid goals, but hey, it’s probably something we should do a few times a year anyway. Social media has this annoying way of encouraging us to “collect people.” If you and someone else on your FB friend list share more than three friends, you feel obligated to click “accept” when that friend request comes through. But after watching individuals I’ve known for years behave like belligerent toddlers online (worse actually), or lose control and spew hatred and vitriol, or my new favourite, post one COVID-19 conspiracy theory after another, I realized it was time to cull the list. We don’t necessarily need to surround ourselves with people who are always on our side (that’s boring and teaches us nothing), but when we do include those who offer alternative perspectives, they need to respect your position as well. No respect? No friendship.

(Not our furbaby, but this one is pretty cute!)

Adopted a Puppy!

Even though there is a dizzying number of new puppies showing up around town and at the dog parks, our family was planning on a new addition looooong before quarantine pups were a thing. We lost our beautiful Australian Shepherd to Lymphoma last May at the tender age of 6. And a couple of months later, we lost our 18 year old Siamese. It’s the first time in 35 years that there hasn’t been a four-legged furbaby coiled up at my feet, on my bed or in my lap. And so, in mid August, we’re welcoming an eight-week old Australian Shepherd into our home. I get to be a new Mama all over again (wish me LUCK!) And just as Public Service Announcement, these are not the kind of Covid goals that should be taken lightly. If you happen to be in the market for a new pup, DO YOUR RESEARCH! There are hundreds of money-hungry “breeders’ out there jacking up their prices, or charging full-breed prices for mixed-breeds. I’m not advocating for a puppy from a breeder or a shelter pup either way, I just don’t want anyone paying more than they should, or adopting a puppy that isn’t healthy (unless you have the resources to nurse it back to health!)

covid goals

Took Steps Towards Vegetarianism

Last year, I wrote about my struggle with my Autoimmune disease and motherhood. As my son got older, I stopped breastfeeding and his sleeping patterns were more consistent, I was able to get more rest, which in turn meant my body was better equipped to fight my flare-ups. But in the months since Covid, my flare-ups have been longer, more intense and downright unbearable. I’ve started looking closely at my diet, and slowly began eliminating things I thought would exacerbate the problem. But it’s not enough. I’ve also been thinking long and hard about my relationship with animals, my love for them. Yet, I consume them. Needless to say, I am on a journey. On a journey to vegetarianism, with the eventual goal of being vegan. I’ve been a meat-eater and card-carrying (lactose INTOLERANT) dairy-monger for most of my life (yep, you read that right. I have been voluntarily torturing myself for years). So, if you have any favourite vegetarian/vegan blogs or recipe books, I would LOVE some suggestions!

Now, for my ACTUAL Covid goals that are still yet to be seen…

Weight Loss

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Errrrrm, yeah. About that. I’ll tell you what did happen. I downloaded five different workout/yoga apps onto my phone with honest intentions of building out my own auto-immune friendly workout regime, but instead, stood in my kitchen sipping chocolate-whipped lattes, swiping through the different workouts, an wincing at the ones that looked too hard. Does that count? Ugh.

Update My Writing Resume

When my travel clients dried up for obvious reasons, I knew I had to put myself back out there for writing gigs. I’ve finally realized that multiple streams of income are the only way to survive these days. It’s not easy juggling full time Mommy duty and finding new gigs, but it has to be done, and since it hasn’t been done….writing this down and publishing it for the world to read is forcing me to get my ass in gear.

And pssssssst! If you happen to be looking for a writer/blogger/editor, I might have someone in mind, wink, WINK!

De-Clutter My House

While everyone else was busy Marie Kondo-ing their home (that’s a verb, right?) during lock-down, I was staring at my clutter feeling utterly overwhelmed and anxious about it. It’s going to be an Everest-like expedition to get it done, but with this puppy on the way, and my Anxiety-Gone box waiting for me at the post-office, I’m looking forward to zen-ing out out and getting rid of some crap – I feel like this is one Covid goal I’m going to hit out of the ball bark (fingers crossed!)

Okay, your turn! What unexpected Covid goals have you smashed over these past few months? And what are some goals that you did set for yourself but kind of, sort of slacked-off on (no judgement, we’re all family here!)

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