Norway, Sweden and Denmark – the three countries that make up Scandinavia give you NATURE at its very best! A tapestry of lakes, mountains, hills and endless forests, nature’s beauty is unfathomable here. Winter is merciless, transforming the landscape into a barren island filled with ice caves and frozen waterfalls, bleak and grey while the brief summer punctuates into a celebration of light! Cities throughout Scandinavia offer you a cornucopia of arts, culture and heritage, blending history and tradition seamlessly with today’s modern technology. With its mesmerising landscape, beautiful architecture, vibrant cities and quaint villages, a trip to any of the Scandinavian countries will surely leave you wanting more.


Geiranger Ffiord, Norway, Northern Europe by Les Haines

Norway is both Scandinavia’s most beautiful and expensive country. Best known for its breathtakingly majestic fjords, Norway is as thrilling as any landscape you might ever see. With excellent connectivity and efficient services, Norway’s magical landscape can be best experienced with a combination of rail, road and ship journeys. Whether you choose to visit the Northern, Western, Eastern or Central regions they each unfold into stunning vistas of beautiful landscape that sure to leave you completely awestruck. But natural beauty is not all that Norway has to offer. It has a large number of museums, national galleries, and historical monuments to get you acquainted with the country’s rich history, distinct traditions, and diverse culture. From the vibrant capital city to the picturesque quaint villages of Odda and Reine, Norway’s cities, villages and achingly pretty landscapes make Norway Scandinavia’s most sought after travel destinations.


Old city in Stockholm, Sweden Northern Europe by clorichs

The largest of the Scandinavian countries but with a sparse population Sweden is known for its clean cities and pristine, almost untouched wilderness. A country of islands, lakes, forests, and mountains Sweden’s landscape is a getaway from life’s drudgery moments. Nature is only a part of Sweden’s appeal; history and culture walk hand in hand here, added to it the liberal and friendly attitude of the Swedes! From Stockholm to Gothenburg to Malmo enjoy the best a city has to offer – first class cultural opportunities, urban sophistication, fashion, history, design, food, and drinks. Sail the Stockholm archipelago, visit the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärv, explore the Marine National Park in Kosterhavet or spot the royalty and celebrities in Marstrand or just walk by the pristine beauty of Skåne and Visby, Sweden’s cities and towns have a lot to offer. Make sure you don’t miss a chance to add Sweden to your Scandinavia travel planner!


Frederiksberg, Denmark, Northern Europe by Kristoffer Trolle

Be it the pristine beaches, white cliffs, fjords or forests; churches, castles, parks or seaside villages, Denmark presents a myriad of sightseeing options for all kinds of travellers. Don’t miss Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark with everything capital city requires and more – culture, arts, music, architecture, gastronomy and great street life. Equally worth an entry in your Scandinavia itinerary planner are the Danish Riviera, North Jutland Coast and Funen, renowned for its fabulous beaches, quaint seaside villages, lighthouses, castles and beautiful gardens. Being declared as the happiest country in the world, you know Denmark will not disappoint!

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